Saturday, November 7, 2009

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

About an hour's drive East of my house, in the heart of the Columbia Gorge, are the fantastic Multnomah Falls.
With a total drop of 620 feet, Multnomah Falls is the second-tallest year-round waterfall in the nation.

Just past the lower falls, there is a wonderful footbridge where intrepid tourists find themselves covered in a misty fog generated by the water cascading down from the upper falls.

There is a trail to the top, which takes several hours and a lot of energy to hike. Few people venture that far.

Except, of course, a teenaged ME (okay, this was a looooonnnng time ago) and a bunch of friends one fine summer day. We found that at the very top of the falls was a wooden platform from which we could stand and take in the view. Cars in the parking lot below became tiny toys, and people became ants.

Jutting out over the edge of the falls was a single flat stone, water slowly cascading from either side, down into the abyss below. With the lower intelligence exhibited by many teenagers, we climbed out onto this rock. I guess we couldn't read either, because there were signs everywhere warning against this type of behavior.

I sat down on the wet stone and slowly inched my way forward ... swinging my legs over the edge. The ever-present Gorge winds swept misty gusts through my hair as I came as close to flight as I will probably ever be.

A wonderful feeling ... but I would never do it again.


  1. I got nervous just reading about it! I have a friend who lives in Olympia, WA and he loves to go windsurfing at the Gorge!

  2. Hahaha....I also got nervous just reading this! Brrrr.....THAT is a LONG ways down.

    My last adventure at Multnomah Falls was when the movie Twilight was being filmed in that area. My daughter and I were going to climb up to the top, but were stopped by a myriad of movie cameras, directors and the like.

    I guess they did not put this scene in the actual movie, but the guy who played Edward was standing up on the bridge. In between takes they'd drape the poor fellow with white towels. (grin) I guess the mist from the falls was blowing especially thick that day.

    It was a fun adventure--I even have a photograph of the bridge and falls--and the actor is about the size of an ant. (grin)

  3. Oh how wonderful! And you were there, taking in all the grandeur and beauty.... as close as anyone can ever get... Such a brave soul. I'd have been too chicken to venture out that far... I've yet another place to visit now... Someday I'll get to the western states to visit. The vast beauty of the North west... a dream of mine that will someday come true.. Thank you for sharing this wonder of nature with me. Blessings. Love and Light, Nina P

  4. Whoa Nelie! My heart is beating a mile a minute! What a marvelous teenage adventure and I'm very glad that you will NEVER attempt that one again you dare devil you!

  5. About to eat peanut ointment and apricot marmalade sandwich:)

  6. I don't much care for high places like the one you described. I am afraid of falling I guess and at this age falling means either something broke or your mind went blank for a second or two. Either way it is a disaster. lol

  7. Howdy
    Oh wow this is so awesome.
    What a wonderful place you have shared with us.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Thank you for the adventure :)
    I love to climb higher to see how much more there is to see :)
    Big hugs
    Happy Trails