Thursday, July 15, 2010

Postcard - Missing You ... Guest Heart Thursday

I found this postcard, dated 1993, in the garbage at my storage unit.
Of course I had to dig it out!!!

I love the bear holding a heart behind his back.

Addressed to Candice from her parents.
Sending their love.

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  1. It's cute the way the bear is hiding the heart behind his back!

  2. Oh! That is SO cute! Happy Guest Heart Thursday. lol This one made me smile!

  3. That is so sweet, the little bear is adorable. I would have had to dig that one out too. Did you notice the price of the stamp?

  4. What a sweet postcard and lovely heart!

    heart of stone

  5. Love it. I love postcards...just visiting all the entries in your RAndom hearts #14. What a nice connection to your random cards blog. So glad to have found you. Maria

  6. very very sweet. I got nostalgic too. Im leaving my country soon, so I'll be saying this..:(