Friday, June 24, 2011

Jury Duty, Jury Duty, Jury Duty! Postcard Friendship Friday

I'm not sure how I ended up with this in my postcard collection ...
I probably picked it up at the Goodwill, where I find so many interesting cards and things.

I am in two minds about being excused from jury duty ...
On one hand, I completely understand there are very valid reasons to be excused ... my mom got called for jury duty last week, and had to be excused because she is the main caregiver for my handicapped father. Things like illness, certain professional reasons, and even death are valid excuses (my grandmother got her first jury duty notice EVER - on the day of her funeral!).

On the other hand, jury duty can be entertaining, and everyone should try to sit on a jury panel at least once in their life. I've sat on 3 juries in the past, and always wanted to be called for a Grand Jury (no reason, just curiosity). I finally got called ... and had to be excused because at the time my ex and I were stationed in Georgia, and they refused to fly me back home to Oregon for the event!

Have you been called for jury duty? Have you ever sat on a jury? Was it boring ... or fun?
What kind of verdict was reached?
(2 "guilty", 1 "hung" for me!)
Let me know!

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  1. What a cool postcard!!!

    Nowadays they'd just email. lol

    I have been asked to do jury duty many times. The first three summons I received were just as we were moving away to another town/state, etc. I was called to do Jury duty a few times when we lived in Amity--unfortunately, it was when we were doing weekly episodic dramas for Royal Family Kids Camps--Camps specifically designed to serve children who have been severely abused and who are in the foster care system.

    We did episodic summer dramas for five different camps for six years. I miss doing those. I know we made a difference in those children's lives.

    Getting back to the subject, I would dearly love to be called in for Jury Duty!

  2. Enjoyed the post. *They* never let you know if you have been excused! I guess no news is good news. I have been on a jury ... fun either time. Happy PFF!

  3. Very cool! I wish ordinary citizens like me can also take part in the jury here in the Phils.

    The bf who lives in NY also got called for jury duty but I believe he petitioned to be excused from it. Could have been a source of more intellectual discussions between us...

  4. I was called for duty once and sat on three juries in that spell. It was fascinating! I'd do it again like a shot.

  5. My husband was called for a jury duty in Texas. But we live in North Dakota. How about that for a jury duty call?

    What an unexpected postcard to have. My PFF Entry is up. Come visit me some time. Thanks!

  6. Never experienced the jury duty, but my husband did.

  7. That is a cool postcard! You never really know what surprises await you at secondhand or thrift stores. Here in Cambodia jury duty is not practiced.

    Oh, just so you know, my verification code is "juree"... what a coincidence!

    Postcards Crossing

  8. What's a jury?

    Haha, just kidding. this is not really the kind of postcard that I want to receive. :D Great post, though.