Friday, December 2, 2011

Jackalope - Postcard Friendship Friday

I've heard of these for years ... and no matter how hard I've tried, I've never actually seen one in the wild.
The elusive Jackalope!

The back reads "Also often called the Antelabbit, this, the most amazing of all desert animals is reputed to be a cross between a Jack Rabbit and an Antelope. Rumor has it that the Jackalope sings at night, in a voice that sounds almost human."

I found this postcard in Grammie's papers ... I don't think she actually believed the Jackalope existed ... but she was on a trip and sent this to her beloved husband who was unable to go with her. Her words brought tears to my eyes ...

"Dearest Honey, we are now in New Mexico. Plan to head today to the Grand Canyon, and up through Utah and on home. Probly won't make it untill Monday. The air is sure healthy feeling. Well I've enjoyed this trip but will be glad to get home. I miss you. Oodles of love Your Wife."

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  1. The Jackalope ... a wonderful fantasy animal. Loved the card and what memories is must have for you about your Grammie. Nice of you to share. Happy PFF!

  2. I think it is great how the jackalope pops up in the most unexpected of places.

  3. Wonderful card, and terrific memories. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of yourself.

  4. Isn't that so sweet? lol I think she did believe it was real. (grin) I loved this card and the message she wrote to Grampa. How wonderful.