Friday, January 6, 2012

Greetings from Hog Country ... PFF

I found this postcard in a box of stuff my friend Mona wanted me to get rid of.
THIS one I just couldn't throw away!!!
Sorry, Mona!

Jim & Mona
Greetings from Hog Country, here's a picture of my newest girlfriend. Hot looker aint she? Big (censored) too. Better go cause the curtains going up on yet another
Katfish Family Presentations

As I recall, he almost didn't come back because he was having so much fun in Iowa!

I lost track of Katfish ...
Mona moved to Idaho, and I haven't heard from her in years ...
Jim lost his battle with the bottle and died of liver failure 5 years ago ...

But boy did they know how to party!!!

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  1. Awesome card...especially the message on the back.

  2. Great card, good to remember those we have forgotten. I've been thinking of my college roomate over the holidays, have lost complete contact with her.

  3. No, you couldn't possibly get rid of that one!