Friday, March 16, 2012

Wearin o' the Green!

I found this reproduction postcard in Grammie's papers ...
It is the only St. Patrick's Day postcard in my collection!

The best part is ... this card was given to Grammie by my sister Beth!

And speaking of Beth ... she hosts "Postcard Friendship Friday" - where we love to share beautiful and interesting postcards from around the world!


  1. We all seem to have gone Irish this weekend. :)

  2. Wonderful card and wonderful that Beth gave it to your Grammie! Erin Go Bragh! Happy PFF!

  3. I remember that card! lol I didn't realize I'd sent it to Grammie. AAAAAaaaahhh...I miss her so much.

    This is a beauty! ((hugs)) Thanks for sharing this, Sissyboo.

    Happy PFF!

  4. Lovely gal on the card. Wish I had her hat to give to my daughter.

  5. Beautiful! I wish I have St. Patrick postcards :D

    Postcards Crossing