Friday, May 4, 2012

Postcards Between Sisters - PFF

I found this "correspondence card" in Grammie's papers ...
It was from the 1950's, addressed to my Great Aunt Tillie ...

"Dear Tillie
I guess it will
be me that you
put your money
with. Everyone else
has allready bought
their gift. I'm not
sure what to get
yet. I am going to
town tomorrow.
I hope you can
make the wedding.
It's going to be class.
Love, Aggie"

(Dean's Wedding)

One of my favorite photos of all time is this black and white taken at my wedding back in 1983. The lady on the right is Great Aunt Tillie. The lady on the left is Great Aunt Martina.

I love their outfits and accessories ... most of all I love how these sisters were still great friends, with plenty to talk about!

Speaking of great sisters who are friends ... to see postcards from around the world, visit Beth's "The Best Hearts Are Crunchy", and join us for "Postcard Friendship Friday"!!!


  1. I love how you've tied a wedding and Great Aunt Tillie in both card and photo. The sisters' outfits are wonderful.

  2. Oh, my goodness! lol I LOVE this picture(and of course the postcard, too)! They are so intent on one another. Though I know the great aunts had their tense moments, there was no question about how much they loved one another. I love the friendship they had. (grin)

    I love Aunt Martina's dress--it is so artsy. Aunt Martina's purse and pearls, that old camera with a flash cute--and that wig! LOL What darlings they were.

    I can see why this is one of your favs, Sissy. Have a wonderful day! Love you!

  3. OOOp--I meant Aunt Tillie's purse and pearls, camera and wig are a hoot. LOL What wonderful old dears they were.

  4. Wonderful! Lovely family memories tied to the *conversation* post card. Great for you and Beth! Happy PFF!

  5. i LOVE this post...and that photograph is utterly timeless, thank you so much for sharing it!

  6. Great card and absolutely wonderful picture of the two ladies! I adore it. They are so intent on each other - and their outfits are priceless. Tillie is especially precious with her lovely accessories. Looks like she had a camera with a flashbulb and was taking photos at your wedding. Loved your post.