Friday, March 7, 2014

Still Winter ... PFF

It looks like these guys are having a bit of fun at a winter party before spring finally arrives!
(Although I know most people in our part of the world are tired of the cold!)

I found this postcard at the thrift store, and couldn't resist the cuteness!


  1. I wish I could find some postcards at the thrift store. Actually, I have found a few, but I think most postcards are thrown out.

  2. Cute penguins. Fun find at the thrift store. Good thing winter comes but once a year. ;) Happy PFF!

  3. If we had penguins playing outside up in this part of the world, it would make winter more fun.

  4. Love penguins! Never had a ride on a sled myself. Cute card

  5. This is SUCH a cute postcard! lol Made me smile today. All those bright hats and scarves--they are just adorable!

    Happy PFF! lol