Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flocked Tree

This beautiful tree and landscape is flocked with golden velvet.

Again, I am not sure where I got this card or its age. It seems to be a Christmas card, but is pretty generic.

I would love to have received this card at any time of the year!


  1. I wonder how they were able to flock this tree with such soft golden velvet? This is a very pretty card.

  2. hi Clytie,
    don't think I have ever told you but I love to collect old cards also :) alot of mine I got off eBay but I have some I found at the antique malls.They just don't make cards today like the vintage one's....I view some of the new cards at wal-mart or target etc and they are so lousy and pricey, much better to either make the cards or get ahold of vintage one's. THANK YOU AGAIN SWEETIE for your kindness on viewing my blogs. I would love to send you afew of my vintage cards if you are interested ?? just send me your address via my email. THANKS AGAIN AND GOD BLESS