Friday, June 5, 2009

Mildred's Birthday 1952 from Ruth

This beautiful wildflower card has a slip-in pocket with a packet of seeds tucked in. Believe it or not, there are still seeds in the packet! I wonder if they would germinate after all these years ...

I'm not sure who Ruth was, but she must have been a good friend who knew Mildred loved flowers.

I wonder when Mildred's birthday was ... this was postmarked May 9th, which is MY birthday! That is so fun.


  1. Really? It's posted for your birthday? Maybe there's a reason you and Mildred have so much in common. What a lovely card, and such a sweet friend. I would have loved to have known Ivor and Mildred. Even their names sound wonderful together.

  2. Now I'm curious about those seeds too! Are you planning on planting a couple?

  3. How interesting and I'm curious about the seeds too. You will have to let us know if they sprout!

  4. I love this card! Friendships grow if we cultivate them with Love, Kindness and Patience! (the seeds for life). Amazing the seeds are still there! I hope your glorious garden grows lovingly and strong from these little seeds of friendship. Love and Light, Nina P.