Saturday, August 22, 2009

1950 Cherry Blossoms

This scene appears (to me) to be a classic picture of cherry blossoms in Hood River, Oregon. I think the mountain seen in the background is the east flank of Mount Hood.

I have seen many, more modern, renditions of this particular view. I think I like this one the best, though.

This wonderful card is written, in 1950, by someone in Roseburg, Oregon and sent to Jerry Parker in Portland, Oregon. I love that it was used to represent a bouquet that could be sent through the mail.


  1. The postcard itself was produced in 1938. It never ceases to amaze me on some of these vintage cards the number of years between production and actual use. I can't help but wonder where the cards were all that time.

  2. What a wonderful postcard! And it was produced in 1938! I bet the reason it took so long to send, was it was being saved for someone pretty special.

    Lovely lovely!

  3. I love cherry blossoms, this is a beautiful post card.
    You remind me of a modern day "Postman",(remember the movie with Kevin Costner?) I'm waiting for the day when someone sees one of your post cards and says, "hey, thats my great aunt" That would be so neat :)

  4. This is a sweet card! I really like this style it oozes with charm.