Saturday, February 20, 2010

1954 Greeting Card

The colors on this card are amazing ...

Having lived in Germany for 3 years, the message in this card surprised me. I guess in 1954 the Germans were a lot less receptive to the American presence than they were in the mid- to late 1980's.

On the other hand, for a member of the military to be able to afford a huge house complete with maid and gardening service? Wow. We had a tiny apartment in the basement of a house on a hill overlooking a small town complete with castle. No maid.

But the German family who lived in the house loved Americans and made us feel welcome in their tiny little town.

The people who wrote this card didn't want to stay ...
We didn't want to leave!


  1. Wow--looks like you and me, eh? I love this card. The note inside is quite revealing, too. Interesting how times do change.

  2. I figure him to have been an officer with a decent income, in an economy with a very favorable exchange rate. Of course, I had one assignment in Turkey where the government rented me a decent-sized apartment in town, complete with building superintendent and his wife, who did odd jobs like cleaning and sewing.