Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Day Covers - More From Grandma G!

These FDC's (First Day Covers) are also known as FDI (First Day Issue).
Grandma G collected these covers.
I didn't know until I was going through some of her papers.

I find that despite my preference for postcards that have actually been sent, these are growing on me.

Like this top one from 1966 - encouraging us to "Visit the USA".
I love these old pictures!

This similar FDC from 1967 also encourages us to "Visit the USA", but doesn't have the pictures that make it more interesting (to me).

This FDC from 1962 features a 4 cent Lincoln profile.
And reminds us which side of the card we're supposed to address!

This is one of my favorite FDC's in Grandma G's collection.
The pictures on the reverse side feature "Rodeo", "Mississippi Riverboat", the "Grand Canyon", and "Monument Valley" as being great tourism destinations for 1972.


  1. I think these are wonderful. Especially that last one--WOW! By the way, they ARE indeed quite collectible.

  2. I do like the last one, maybe because I have been to all of those places (even the rodeo)!

  3. Fantastic. I know nothing about stamp collecting, but hear a lot about first day covers. Thank you for the info. Happy PFF!