Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boston Postcard - Postcard Friendship Friday, Weekend Mailbox

Ah the times of old sailing ships ...
They look fun and romantic, but I think I would probably have preferred to remain on dry land!

The USS Constitution (nicknamed "Old Ironsides") was built in 1797, and is still part of the US Navy fleet as a living museum of naval history.

How fun that Aunt Vicky got to see it!

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Someone got mail in this box once.
A long time ago!
I found this delightful bird house at my friend Howard's house.
Howard and his wife Freddie are wonderful people who love whimsical things.

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  1. A beautiful, fascinating postcard!

    And love that crazy mailbox! Very unique!

    Thank you for linking up to my Weekend Mailbox meme again!

  2. We once visited Old Ironsides when we were in Boston! This brings back a lot of memories! Lovely postcard, Sissy!

    Happy PFF!

  3. Lovely postcard and I adore that bird house! Thank you so much for your prayers and kind comment on my blog Clytie. I am glad to be back.

  4. I love looking at this type of ship. They came to Fort Lauderdale years ago so got to see one face to face. Sounds like Aunt Vicky had a wonderful time on all her boats.