Friday, September 17, 2010

Hells Canyon Dam - Postcard Friendship Friday/Weekend Mailbox

The creases are still visible ...
From the journeys this card has been on ...
From somewhere ... to somewhere else ...
To the Goodwill ... then to me.

"The Snake River's most spectacular dam marks the beginning of the 32 mile Wild River Corridor. It is the last of 12 dams that produce two-thirds of the electricity generated by Idaho Power serving customers in a 20,000 square mile area."

If you have never visited the Snake River wilderness ... well, you should. Someday I will go back to visit this wild, raw, untamed natural area - it's been far too long.

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And here is the REAL reason they call it "snail mail".
(Note the speed limit!)

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  1. Haha...great snail mail illustration! Great photo find.

  2. Your postcard image is delightful! A panoramic view of the dam area!

    I so love your representation of snail mail! That is clever! And those mailboxes seem to be in an odd place with a high wire fence?

    Thank you for joining in Weekend Mailbox!

  3. Hells Canyon Dam, Snake River, Wild River Corridor... I like the names. Reminds me of my California road trip. We passed Death Valley, Hell's Kitchen and Devil's Playground. And I'm still writing you here, savely. Happy PFF.

  4. The power of that water is so well captured on that card!

  5. I'm giggling about snail mail. Wonderful postcard. I can almost hear the water! Happy PFF

  6. I've never been to see the dam, but have followed the River of No Return (the Salmon, a major tributary of the Snake) as it flows into Idaho from Montana. Beautiful.

  7. I love visiting and seeing pictures of dams. It always makes me think about how they get built - what's the first thing you have to do? How does the water not get in the way?

  8. Great postcard and hilarious photo! : )

  9. Love the snail mail image. Great capture!

  10. A lovely postcard and what a cute mailbox picture. Now I know why my mail takes forever.

  11. Alan still remembers the time Guy and he went there. Someday I shall visit there, too. Wonderful postcard, Sissy! Happy PFF!