Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Greetings - Postcard Friendship Friday

One of the cards I found in Grammie's papers (rescued from the fire bin - ack!) is this beautiful Easter postcard.
It was never mailed, however the back has an inscription "Amelia - From Mother".

The front picture of flowers is cut separately, and held on with a tiny ribbon.
When you flip it open ...

It is a separate little card!

In doing some research, I have determined Amelia to be "Miss Amelia Falk", my Grampa Lester's cousin. She was born sometime in 1884 to Dietrich Falk and Sophie (Harms). From what I can tell, she never married, and was employed at "The Portland Hotel" in Portland, Oregon for many years.

It has been fun and exciting to be able to find out so much information about my family.

To see postcards from around the world, visit Beth at "The Best Hearts Are Crunchy", and join us for Postcard Friendship Friday!


  1. Hey! We get a history lesson to go with a beautiful Easter card as well. Thanks for playing along on Postcard Friendly Friday!

  2. Another beauty - Easter cards are extra special.

  3. A pretty card to receive at Easter. Lucky you rescued it.

  4. So very pretty. I wish they'd make them like this nowadays.

  5. Wow--when you told me about this postcard, I couldn't quite visualize it. Did you know Grammie Jenny also worked at the same place? I wonder what the connection might have been.

    Thanks for posting for PFF! Have a gorgeously marvelous day, Sissy!

  6. Such a beautiful card! It's nice to know about the people how gave and cherished it!

  7. HOw wonderful to find out such family history. Thanks-you for sharing it with me.

  8. What a beautiful easter postcard!

    Joining PFF for the first time and I'm late! :)
    Postcard Friendship Friday#1

  9. Very pretty. The front looks like that puffed design.

  10. This one is absolutely beautiful, Sissy. Your card collection is amazing. I think you should open a museum of found objects someday. I bet it would go over well. I love your artwork and your collections--they are wonderful and inspiring.