Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Greetings - PFF and Sunday Scans

When I was in Germany, one of the ladies I worked with gave me this card.
She was going to throw it away!!!

I love Easter cards ... no matter what language they are written in!

To see postcards from around the world, visit Beth at "The Best Hearts Are Crunchy", and join us for Postcard Friendship Friday.

And since this card was scanned, come check out "Al's Photography Blog" and his new meme Sunday Scans!


  1. LOVE this card! lol Perfect for PFF and I'm off to visit Sunday scans--sounds like a lovely Meme.

  2. That's a very cute card - thanks for supporting my Sunday Scans meme. I can't believe it's almost Easter already!

  3. That is a cute card. I have bought some foreign Easter postcards.

  4. Beautiful card - glad you saved it from the trash and have recycled it! This is a lovely blog, Clytie.

  5. The little foreign bunnies are adorable, it would have been a shame to have it thrown away.