Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Postcard - "Hugs and Kisses" (1)

The only information listed on the back of this postcard is that this delightful picture was taken in 1964 by Elliott Erwitt in Krakow, Poland.

Because of the no right turn sign in the background, I am submitting this postcard to Lesley's "Signs, Signs" meme.

Because I had to scan this card in order to post it, I am also submitting this postcard to Al's "Sunday Scans" meme.

The card itself was published in 1998 as part of a 30-card book called "Hugs & Kisses" which I found at the Goodwill Surplus Store. There are only 18 cards left in the book, and I love thinking that someone actually used some of them!


  1. Wish I could find postcards at a thrift store here.

  2. What an interesting card!
    I like that it has a 'no right turn' yet the heads of the two passersby are definitely turned to the right!

  3. it's a beautiful gesture---now, it's high fives!:p


  4. That is old world charm. The book sounds a great find. You never know one of the 18 cards might turn up while you are browsing in another thrift store.

  5. Wow--that is quite a find, Sissy! What a delightful postcard! As Joy says, it's old world charm.

  6. yeah it was a great one to look the old one .. to fine .. one ..