Friday, November 30, 2012

Fountain in Chicago, PFF

Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain By Night, Grant Park, Chicago (Illinois).
"Built as a memorial to her brother, Clarence, a patron and trustee of the Art Institute, Kate Buckingham presented this largest fountain of its kind in the world to the City of Chicago. It is located in Grant Park and by night, when colored lights play over its sparkling jets of water, it is an unusually beautiful sight."

To Mrs. Ada Bray, Gen. Del., Gooding Idaho
Dear Gran - am coming to see you - by the 13th any way. Am in Chicago now.
Love Buster

This is a beautiful old card, but it is so much more.
This card was sent to my (great) Grandma Bray by my dad ... after his release from a WWII prison camp in 1945 ... and is one of several he sent as he was transferred all over the US afterward.

These few words written so long ago suddenly have such history; such special meaning ...

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  1. Hugs to you. Is is a very precious memory. And, it is a beautiful place. I dearly love Chicago! Happy PFF!

  2. Snap!!!
    I love the colours in your card!

  3. I love the different colors reflected on the water in that fountain. This post reminds me I should send more cards to my grandparents in future trips. Thanks! Happy weekend!

  4. It is a beautiful postcard. And the history behind it brings tears to my eyes. A postcard from when Daddy's name was Buster.