Friday, November 2, 2012

Turkey Car Postcard ... PFF

I can't believe it's November already; October flew by so quickly!

In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US ...

Maybe this interesting couple isn't coming to visit ... they're running away to hide!

I found this wonderful "Turkey Car" postcard at a local thrift store about 5 years ago.

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  1. That is a darling postcard. I love your perspective. Somehow I didn't put the idea of turkeys riding around in an old car, together with Thanksgiving dinner...

    Of COURSE they're running away!!! (grin) Wonderful postcard. Happy pff!

  2. Too cute! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, they better be driving away! Fun! Happy PFF!

  3. what a cute card - but where did they get a right-hand drive?

  4. What a lovely card! My thrift store finds are much less interesting, if I find anything at all.