Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Dam Pig" Valentine

A valentine card found in Dad's papers ...
Because of the content of the note included, I was able to estimate the time frame as mid- to late 1940's.

It is signed from "Joan & Ada" (two of Dad's sisters)

Inside was a note:

"Dear Bud - I received your letter last night so will ans on this Valentine. Well if you get into the Navy or MM you might not get it. Well do you believe what Delorse says. Well I hardly do. I can't see a woman looking on him to support when shes got two kids to take care of. Have you see Betty yet. How is Aunt Irene & Jean. Well as for Neil probly don't want to see you. But you don't need to look for trouble. He wouldn't be alone. Well I didn't expect you to go with the girls. Oh have you seen Edna yet or any of them kids. Well write soon. Love Ada
the hog killed the goose and she had eggs in her already to lay. Dam pig."

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  1. it is like an inside view of parts of your dad's life you may not have ever known... something so poignant about this Clytie.

  2. This was wonderful, I got a big kick out of your aunt's last sentance :) tell Beth hi for me and I hope her hubby is doing ok :)

  3. It must have been a sad day to find the hog had killed the goose and then to discover she was ready to begin laying eggs.

  4. Oh! My! lol What a missive this was! Love the ending comment--made me giggle. That letter also Makes me wonder about that Delorse lady--I couldn't guess what the story was there.. What a cute card, too.

  5. Howdy Clytie
    Oh my this post was great fun ,also a sweet moment for you share such a neat family find :)
    Take care sweetie and may your heart recieve many more blessings in the days to come .
    Love with happy hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails