Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year - PFF

I love this card because these are not the usual flowers I think of in the dead of winter.
And because of the cute little heart in the center of one of those gorgeous blooms!

I rescued this card from a dumpster years ago ... along with many others (a story for a different day).

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  1. It seems the older cards were not as traditional re flowers and foliage as we are now. I find that startling and pleasant.

  2. Lovely flower postcard! Makes me want to go back collecting for that theme again...

    Happy 2013! Cheers for the new year!

  3. Oh, Sissy--I'm so glad you rescued all that stuff from the dumpster. I find my self wishing I could go back in time to join you. (grin)

    ((hugs)) Happy New year, and Happy PFF!

    LOVE the heart you spotted. Just gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful orchids! All the best for 2013.