Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hearty Teatime Postcard

I found this postcard at the thrift store a while back. It's delicate yummy pastel beauty certainly caught my eye!

Do you see some hearts in this card?
(if not, look closely at those delicate petals painted on the teapot ...)

To see hearts from around the world, visit "Random Hearts" - and share YOUR heart on "Guest Heart Thursday!"


  1. I'm really sleepy now with the clock telling me it's half past 1 AM ... but I'm happy even though my eyes aren't sharp now, I can still figure out the dainty hearts formed by those petals! :)

  2. How lovely Clytie:-) I do hope you'll send me something for the gratitude quilt this year. No actual quilting involved… just words of gratitude from your heart.

  3. Ooooooh, wow--this is such a beautiful postcard, Honey. I LOVE the colors and intricate setting. Wow!