Friday, March 26, 2010

St. John the Baptist - Happy PFF!

St. John the Baptist

Velazquez, Rodriquez de Silva Y., 1599-1660
The Art Institute of Chicago

I ponder the expression of St. John in this painting.
Maybe the artist reflected this great sadness
of St. John - because the artist knew, as told in history,
that St. John would have been about this age (early 30's) when he was beheaded.


  1. ..While the lamb, oblivious to his own fate, serenely enjoys his grazing.

  2. He does seem sad...What a beautiful painting. I can't imagine having my head cut off--I've heard tales, and saw this one movie in High school for film study that scared me to death.



    Happy PFF!

  3. I remember the Masterpiece game!!!!

  4. Beautiful painting. What was the Masterpiece game, Viridian?

  5. Clytie - please visit my blog at to pick up the Sunshine award I have given to your blog. It is terrific and I enjoy visiting it often. I post greeting cards also that I have saved over the years. Marge

  6. It seems to me that the artist used John's expression to foreshadow the events in his life that were to come. John the Baptist felt a great burden to warn the people to repent, so maybe his express is grief over their sin.

  7. It's one of those paintings to contemplate about for a while...thank you for showing this! -I like that Velasquez put the lamb in the scene as well.