Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1980's Postcard, tulips and windmill

A beautiful scene of tulips in bloom, a windmill in the background ...

Hah! Betcha thought this card was from Holland!

I did.
Until I read the back.

"Washington Bulb Co., Inc., Mount Vernon, Washington"
Largest grower of tulips, daffodils and irises in the United States.

"Printed in Italy"


  1. Look at all of those beautiful colors!

  2. For heaven's sake! Who would have thought! That is funny--it's printed in Italy? Amazing!

    (grin) I love the colors in this one, Sissy--this is one beauty of a postcard!

  3. Oh my, this brings back memories of my oldest daughter and I going to Holland, Michigan one time at Tulip Time, many years ago, so many tulips, windmills and people in dutch outfits with wooden shoes. What a wonderful card this is with all those colors.