Monday, April 5, 2010

1949 postcard - Peterson & Dering

This is a 1949 advertisement card from Peterson & Dering ... rose growers and researchers in Scappoose, Oregon. It apparently came with their catalogs.

If you enlarge the top photo, you will see someone's dream list - names of roses they wanted to someday buy. It is hard to read, having been written in pencil.

I could find no listing for Peterson & Dering today. Most of what is written about them was written back in the 50's. I did discover that they were best known for their wonderful catalogs. They in fact were recognized for beautifully describing the scent of their roses, in an age when so many companies were developing roses with very little scent, who relied on the beauty of the plant alone.

I love the scent of roses. I would never buy a rose that didn't smell like a rose!!!


  1. I hope they were able to get everything on their dream list!

  2. Someone really loved roses! This is a wonderful find, Sissy. I like the personal touch--dreams of beauteous roses for the garden.

    I'm going to dig up a start of those white roses by Dale's shed. Those are the most wonderously scented roses....

  3. This is a really great item. I particularly like the rose wish list.

    I've always been a "list person" and often come across something I wrote years ago containing a list of books, records, etc., that I was looking for at the time. Occassionally I find a list of chores and sometimes I can even cross some of them out. Thanks for sharing.